I’m proud to offer a 3 month guarantee on the vast majority* of my work.  If you’re not 100% happy for whatever reason after getting your instrument back then let me know and I’ll be happy to rectify the matter for no extra charge.  Please don’t be shy about making me aware of any problems – I’d rather know so I can learn from it!

Please be aware that any guarantees offered only apply to problems worked on as part of the original job.  Any new issues, malicious and careless damage are excluded.

*Unfortunately there are some rare circumstances where I won’t be able to offer a guarantee.  This may apply if the work needed to fully resolve an issue is not authorised in the first place.  Also, some instruments may be of insufficient quality to hold any adjustments due to poor manufacturing.  If this is going to affect you then I’ll make sure you are aware beforehand.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

No problem! You can find posts about my previous work on my Instagram and Facebook pages.  Don’t forget to give me a like / follow!

Sorry, but that’s a bit of a tricky one unfortunately – every job is so different from the next!  Very few jobs actually end up fitting exactly into the pricing structure described on my Services & Pricing page.  However, I think it’s still useful to give you a rough idea of what to expect.

I appreciate that this can sometimes be frustrating, however I feel it is a much fairer way of doing things.  My prices are calculated based on an hourly labour fee plus the cost of any materials used.  This allows me to give each customer a personalised price for the exact amount of work done.

I’ll be able to give a much more accurate price estimate once I’ve had a chance to inspect the instrument.  Unexpected problems are occasionally found after starting which may increase the price slightly, but I’ll always check before going ahead.  It’s really important to me that nobody ever gets a nasty surprise when they get the final bill!

I currently work from home, which is why I don’t publish my address on the website.  You’re more than welcome to pop in for a chat though – just get in touch first via my contact page to arrange a mutually convenient time.

It depends on a number of things really – like how much work is involved, how many other instruments I’ve got waiting to be repaired, and whether I need to order in any materials or parts especially for your instrument.  If you’ve got an exam or event coming up then it’s best to plan ahead a few weeks in advance.  However, if you end up having a last-minute disaster or need some work done quicker than usual for whatever reason then please make me aware and I’ll try my best to fit in with your time frame.

I’m conveniently located for you to drop off your instrument to me – Aberdare is easily accessible by train or bus and there is also ample car parking nearby if you prefer to drive.  It’s best if you can collect your instrument from me in person if possible so I can make any final adjustments according to your personal preference.

Alternatively, I can usually collect / deliver throughout South Wales for a small charge.

You are also welcome to arrange postage or a courier service, but it’s absolutely vital that it’s tracked and insured appropriately as I can’t be held responsible for any instruments that are lost or damaged in the post.  However, if at all possible I prefer not to return instruments by post – I’d really hate for your instrument to get lost or damaged just after you’ve just spent money on getting it fixed!

Payment will be required in full when the instrument is collected.  I accept payments by debit / credit card (in person or online), cash, bank transfer or cheque – you will find all of the details you need on your invoice. 

I only repair woodwind instruments so I can’t help you with your trumpet, piano or violin I’m afraid.  However, please feel free to get in touch if you’re struggling to find a repairer for your type of instrument and I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction.

Regarding any uncommon woodwind instruments or unusual repairs, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to help you with everything but by all means please make an enquiry.  I’ve got lots of transferrable repair skills and love getting stuck into a new challenge!

Even if it turns out that I wouldn’t personally be able to help you with it, there’s a good chance I will be able to help you find someone else who will have the skills you’re looking for.

Please read my GDPR Privacy Notice for more information about how I record, use and protect your personal information.